HELIOS 2 Released

Benefits 1

The deployment of an lighting pinpoint remote control yields significative economic, environmental and service advantages.

The selection of our ad-hoc wireless network platform provides specific advantages over other technological solutions available in the market, PLC remote control, stabilization systems , flow reductors etc.

General benefits of a pinpoint control solution

Economic Advantages

    • Increased efficiency and energy saving, through an optimal control of energy consume.

Environmental Advantages 

    • Reduced emissions of CO2.
    • Reduced luminic contamination.

Service Advantages

    • Lighting service taylor made for the citizen.
    • Pinpoint control over  lighting network, instantly and remotely.

Additional benefits for ad-hoc wireless platform

  • Seamless deployment. The electrical installation is as easy as making the electrical connections for the equipments. No civil works required. Remote configuration of the equipments.
  • Wireless communication network infrastructure ready for new applications.  A Smartcity approach, the wireless control network for lighting can be become the backbone for other wireless sensor applications, such us, noise monitoring, garbage level detection, items location, etc
  • Ultra low consumption.  We design electronic products following ultralow comsuption standars. Less energy comsuption means a higher energy efficiency but it also allows to incorporate backup batteries to support advanced product features
  • Maximum flexibility. 
    • The system operation is not compromised by the lack of electricity supply. Batteries guarantee operation anytime, this feature allows to report relevant maintenance activities such as the failure of a lamp power source.
    • Self-configurable. As an ad-hoc network it requires no configuration whatsoever. Any light in the range of the wireless network adds up to the communication network automatically. Then its operation can be programmed remotely. This system property makes the solution easily escalable.
    • Evolving solution. One of the most valued features from the maintenance point of value is the possibility of reloading the application remotely. This is a extremely powerfull feature as the system may be updated a redeploied remotely to address new requirements.
  • Maintenance.  Our technology platform excels for its low level maintenance features. The system offers a remote diagnosis through alarm reporting for any maintenance task.

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